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This Pain Relief hypnosis recording helps you to tap into your powerful ability to learn to relax deeply and to learn to reduce discomfort and pain. It guides you to use your powerful mind and be able to  

  • turn your Relaxation Dial right up
  • turn your Pain Dial right down and let go


The way we think about pain and our attitude to it is directly linked to how we experience and feel pain. 


Recent Studies published in Harvard Health show that Mind Body approaches to controlling pain can be more effective than pain killers and have no side effects.


The power of a Positive Mind and Pain Gate Theory

Within the spinal chord we have a "gate" which opens and closes to allow pain signals from all over the body to travel up to the brain. When the "gate" is closed these pain signals cannot get through so we experience less or no pain and conversely when the gate is open we experience more pain

What opens the gate

Stress, tension, anxiety, negative thoughts, lack of activity


What closes the gate

Relaxation, positivity feelings  thinking happy, doing things you enjoy


This recording is just one of many powerful methods of helping close the gate, take control, reduce your pain and change your beliefs. Through regular practice you can do it yourself


It is recommended that you listen to this everyday for 6 weeks then as required

Recording length: 23:42


You must not drive or operate machinary or do anything where you require conscious awareness as you listen to this


Please Note:

It is important to remember that pain is our body's way of telling us something is wrong. This hypnosis recording is for chronic pain relief and management after we have sought medical advice.


Pain Relief

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