Costs and expectations

Hypnotherapy near Bingham

Hypnotherapy near Worksop

Hypnotherapy near Newark

Hypnotherapy near Louth

What to expect:

Initial session includes initial consultation so a treatment plan can be tailored to your individual needs.


Session length is 70 minutes long

This is followed by the beginning of treatment. A powerful hypnotherapy recording is also provided to take home. An approximate number of sessions required is also discussed.


Treatment plan can incorporate powerful Psychological interventions/techniques including:     

  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy     

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming     

  • Eye Movement Therapy    

  • Emotional Freedom Technique     

  • Coaching   

  • Mindfulness     

  • Visual Kinaesthetic Dissociation Technique (Rewind Technique)


Video Call sessions (70mins): £70 per session 

Individual sessions for Adults (70 mins):  £70 per session

First session includes assessment 

Includes FREE Deep Relaxation Recording 

Block bookings available, 5 individual sessions for £325, saving £25

Individual sessions for Children (60 mins):  £60 per session 

Weight Reduction Programme:  £300   

5 sessions of 75mins ( First session 90 mins including consultation)

A unique programme combining Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT + Hypnosis Recordings

Weight Reduction Programme including Hypnotic "Gastric Band": £350

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Card

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The following companies now cover hypnotherapy ***

Health Shield



AXA PPP Healthcare

Westfield Health (as part of corporate package)



***This depends on your cover and the issues you are being treated for

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