Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you or your child lack self confidence and/or low self esteem?

New Beginnings offers treatment and help for the lack of :

  • self-confidence, how we feel about our ability to carry out tasks and roles

  • low self-esteem, how we feel about ourselves ( looks, behaviour, thinking )

Wouldn’t it feel good to

  • Try new things, feel more comfortable with new people and in relationships

  • Have an attitude of “I can”

  • No longer blush and feel shy

  • Feel proud of your achievements

  • Accept yourself as a unique human being with unique qualities

  • Be more accepting of praise

  • Be more positive about the future

  • Feel empowered to achieve your goals

Treatment and Help from New Beginnings can include:


Hypno-analysis / EMDR / EFT / “Rewind Technique” for releasing any bottled up emotions which are more deep routed and desensitising and reprocessing any fear

Suggestion Hypnotherapy for embedding powerful positive suggestions about your strengths, abilities, resources and how you want to be / will be rather than how you don’t want to be.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for installing in the mind powerful, positive “calm and confident” resources to be used in different situations; to help change negative though patterns into positive ones; to help create a more positive looking future

Take steps today that will lead to a change tomorrow for the better!

If you are affected by any of these give Mark a call to see how he can help you

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