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Improving your mental game

Sports Performance

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Henry Ford

"Thank you Mark, my "mental game" has improved tremendously since getting your help" (Ben, Rugby player)

Is your mental game holding you back?

It is now widely accepted that the mental game is as important as the physical game in sports both individually and team. Michael Jordan  (Basketball), Tiger Woods (Hockey), Andre Agassi (Tennis), Roger Bannister (Athletics breaking 4 minute mile), Mary Lou Retton (Olympic Gymnast), Kobe Bryant (Basketball), Sylvester Stallone (making Rocky) are to name just a few who have used MindCoaching and Hypnosis to help achieve success.

Since 2006 Mark has been helping sports men, women and children achieve their potential in their chosen sport with Sports Performance Mind Coaching. These have included team sports of Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket and individual sports of Tennis, Equestrian, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, Swimming, Golf, Snooker and Athletics. 

Mark has a wealth of personal experience in sport and even now in his 50's it is still an important part of his life.


Mark's Sports Performance Mind Coaching can help with: 


  • Performance and Competition anxiety

  • Overcoming Mental blocks

  • Recovering from injury / trauma

  • Building Confidence and Self-belief

  • Increasing Motivation

  • Increasing Focus and "Peak State"

  • Ability to Relax when not competing/performing

  • Reinforce Sporting Goals

  • Transitioning to higher levels

  • How to handle success and loss


Mark's Sports Performance Mind Coaching often incorporates the tried and tested techniques and interventions including:


BLAST technique/ EMDR / EFT /  "Rewind Technique"

To release fear and negative attachments to old emotions and actions, and to change the old "unwanted movies" that are playing in your mind, in other words, take the power out of old reference points associated with performance and install new ones. These interventions are also used to desensitise and reprocess  past trauma/injuries so they are no longer affecting your "mental game"


NLP Coaching

To anchor your desirable, powerful, resourceful state and also to help you control your thoughts and reprogram your mind so you mentally see yourself how you want to see yourself and how you want to be performing. Enabling you to "fire off" these anchors before/during  performance so you are physically and mentally in "your game"


Hypnosis Coaching

To access your powerful unconscious mind in order for you to embed your powerful empowering suggestions that will have a positive impact on the way you think, feel and act; for you to mentally rehearse yourself performing exactly how you want to perform whilst feeling calm and relaxed. Much more than just visualisation!



To enable you be present in the moment, especially when waiting around or before events which in turn also preserves energy.

"Hi Mark, its Lorraine, just a quick text to let you know I played really well at enjoyed it. I really did feel calm before and during, just a little bit of an edge, all went great, thank you, I played so well and we got a medal and I now feel fantastic. Without your help I wouldve backed out"


( Lorraine )

If you are affected by any of these give Mark a call to see how he can help you



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