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Do you really need to worry so much?

Do you really need the anxious feelings that worrying too much brings?

Relax and learn to take control of your mind and let go of worries with this Free from Unwanted Worry Hypnosis recording


It is believed that 80% of everything we worry about never actually happens

In addition, another 15% of everything we worry about we cant do anything about

So you could say that it is totally safe to let 95% of worries go!


This powerful recording will help you

  • take control of your worries and let 95% of them go
  • let the associated fears and anxieties go
  • think clearer, feel calmer and able to deal with the remaining 5%
  • put everything in perspective 
  • to train your mind to focus instead on more positive thoughts and enjoy the associated positive feelings 
  • to live more in the moment

It is recommended that you listen to this everyday for 6 weeks then as required


Recording length: 25:58


You must not drive or operate machinary or do anything where you require conscious awareness as you listen to this


Free From Unwanted Worry

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