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This powerful Feel Great guided visualisation is aimed at 7-12 year olds. It will help your child

  • let go of worries, fears and self-doubt
  • boost confidence and self belief
  • build an "I can do it" attitude to everyday life
  • build resilience
  • learn to relax amd have coping mechanisms


Mark has a gentle voice which can have a calming affect on your child. He is a former teacher and as a Hypnotherapist and MindCoach, has helped thousands of children overcome issues.


It is recommended that your child listens to this everyday for 3 weeks then twice weekly. The best time to listen is evening time and the best place is where he/she feels comfy and safe and will not be disturbed. Your child can listen alone or with an adult if they prefer


Recording length: 19:52





Children Feel Great (age group 7-12)

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