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Stop Smoking & Health

Stop Smoking in One Unique Session With New Beginnings

Become a Non-Smoker

Are you like two thirds of smokers who want to stop but feel they can't? You feel you have tried everything but have you? Have you tried Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy has a higher success rate than any other method according to Which magazine, New Scientist magazine and supported by 600 studies by University of Iowa covering 72000 people from America and Europe.


What is involved?

Most people require only ONE SESSION. Once you are committed to stopping, It involves a unique extended session lasting about 2hrs including an in depth discussion so that everything is tailor-made to your own needs. It is effective because as a smoker you have taught your subconscious to smoke and reinforced that learning with every cigarette you have smoked.


By using Hypnotherapy and NLP we can get the subconscious to change its belief that smoking is important and remove the need to smoke and re-programme the mind so that you begin to believe that you are a non-smoker. A deep, powerful response is created inside you. After the session you are asked to play a hypnosis recording for 10-14 days at home, relaxing to it for 40 minutes per day, whilst you put a bit of effort in.


Most people find it much easier to stop than they had ever imagined could be possible.


What you can look forward to as a non smoker

  • Better health and greater life expectancy

  • More money to spend on things you really enjoy

  • More confidence in yourself and greater sense of control

  • Being a wonderful role model for your children/grandchildren

  • Better sense of taste and smell It is never too late to stop smoking, the benefits of quitting start immediately


You can stop smoking with the help of New Beginnings Hypnotherapy 

It’s now been 3 years since I was smoking 20 a day, Thank you so much! (Andy)

If you are affected by any of these give Mark a call to see how he can help you



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