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New Beginnings Training Academy

These courses are taught by Mark Ward, experienced therapist (12000 client sessions and counting) and teacher in “live”classes of maximum 9 students and is as friendly, supportive and ‘hands on’ environment The emphasis is always on offering you the support you need as you start, or add to, your therapeutic journey.

This course is externally accredited by GHSC as meeting the Regulated Qualifications Framework across the UK at the following levels – Level 4 (England & Wales), Level 6 (Northern Ireland), Level 7 (Scotland).

450 learning hours in total, including 120 hours of face-to-face teaching.

You'll receive....

  • A Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate in NLP

  • Certificate in Mindfulness-Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

  • 18 days Live classroom training (120 hours)                                                 

  • Class sizes limited to maximum of 9 students

  • Emphasis on practical learning

  • Online portal to support classroom learning

  • Evidence-based, clinically proven approach 

  • Hardback Course Handbook (sent prior to course )with all course material



What does the course cover?
The Diploma course is approximately 120 hours classroom study. You are also required to read in between sessions, practice with volunteers and case studies and complete examinations including an open book exam, business plan and real life case studies to a total of 450 hours. The case studies are absolutely crucial in learning your skills and developing your confidence. The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy explores a range of approaches, including solution focused, psychodynamic and CBT approaches to hypnotherapy and how to incorporate NLP and Mindfulness.  This provides you with an integrated approach which means you can respond to the precise requirements of your clients without limiting yourself to a single mode of working. Learning hypnotherapy ‘skills’ is only a part of the Diploma. Just as important, and covered in detail on the course, is how to set up your business and start making a living as soon as you qualify. This course places a considerable emphasis on getting your business up and running and after-care with our free peer supervision group. 

Establishing your business 

Many people emerge from their hypnotherapy training with some great skills and...with no idea how to work confidently with clients or establish their business. Throughout the course, we explore how to set up a practice which reflects your values and which will allow you to earn a comfortable living. Your 1-2-1 with Mark Ward helps you create a vision for your business and determine the practical steps which are required to bring that vision to life. 

Course Prospectus

Empty Chairs

Suitable for New & Experienced Practitioners

Whether you're completely new to therapy or have experience in therapy, coaching or psychology, you'll learn in a way which is hands on, supportive and suited to your existing level of knowledge. It is of course important to have an interest in helping people and a desire to want to help people make positive changes in their life.

Career Oppurtunities

Work Full-time, part-time, specialise,  add to existing skillset….


Taking the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with new Beginnings can open lots of doors. You can  work primarily in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist . Private hypnotherapists can expect to earn between about £70 and £150 per session. Some hypnotherapists choose to go on and specialise in an area such as childrens hypnotherapy, Menopause, IBS, Trauma, Soport,  Hypnobirthing or Smoking Cessation and can charge considerably more. Some hypnotherapists choose to work with organisations, including charities and community organisations such as anxiety uk or hospices.

In addition to people who wish to become hypnotherapists, counsellors, Psychologists, teachers and business leaders can incorporate  this Diploma’s  multi modality approaches into their existing work. 

Course Dates
Course 1

New Beginnings Training Academy

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy September 2023 start

9 months duration, 1 weekend per month

120 hours class training


Course Dates of classroom training

9:30-5:00  Including lunch break and 2 short breaks


Saturday 9th September

Module 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Sunday 10th September 2023

Module 2: Neuroscience & hypnotherapy


Saturday 7th October 2023

Module 3: Inductions, deepens & trance termination


Sunday 8th October 2023

Module 4: The therapeutic relationship (part 1)


Saturday 4th November 2023

Module 5: The therapeutic relationship (part 2)


Sunday 5th November 2023

Module 6:Person-centered & psychodynamic hypnotherapy


Saturday 2nd December 2023

Module 7: CBT hypnosis & metaphor


Sunday 3rd December 2023

Module 8: Eriksonian hypnosis & metaphor


Saturday 6th January 2024

Module 9: Direct & authoritarian approaches


Sunday 7th January 2024

Module 10: NLP

Saturday 3rd February 2024

Module 11: Mindfulness hypnotherapy


Sunday 4th February 2024

Module 12: Weight loss


Saturday 9th March 2024

Module 13: Smoking Cessation, habits & addictions


Sunday 10th March 2024

Module 14: Anxiety

Saturday 20th April 2024

Module 15: Phobias


Sunday 21st April 2024

Module 16: Depression


Saturday 18th May 2024

Module 17: Chronic Pain


Sunday 19th May 2024

Module 18: Establishing your business

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Why Choose New Beginnings Training Academy?










  • 1-2-1 SUPPORT


Register and Enrol

To register for the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy which commences 20th May 2023 and to pay for your course in full, please do so here (if you would like to pay in instalments of £300 per month, please click the deposit and instalment option). Once you have paid, you are enroled as a student. Refunds are not available but if you have to change your dates due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to accomodate you on an alternative course. Once your deposit or payment in full has been received, you will be sent a copy of your course manual (please allow up to five working days for delivery). You will also receive a link to your online portal and instructions and details regarding the venue. You will be asked to read through the terms and conditions at the footer of your checkout page and then scroll up to click in agreement before placing your order. 


Once you have enroled as a student, no refunds are available. However, it may be possible to transfer to a later date if you are unable to make your chosen course dates. 

Shipping information for course resources

As part of your enrolment, you will receive a copy of your course manual. Please allow up to five working days for delivery.

If you have any questions you would like to ask before applying please contact Mark Ward on 07973847190 or email

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